Jules de Grandin

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Grande série de horror de Seabury Quinn, construída em torno da personagem homónima, e publicada entre 1925 e 1951. Compõe-se principalmente por ficção curta (embora também exista um romance), que foi recolhida postumamente em várias coletâneas, cinco das quais constituem uma sequência. Está muito escassamente representada em tradução para português.


The Devil's Bride


1. The Adventures of Jules de Grandin
2. The Casebook of Jules de Grandin
3. The Hellfire Files of Jules de Grandin
4. The Skeleton Closet of Jules de Grandin
5. The Horror Chambers of Jules de Grandin
The Phantom Fighter
The Compleat Adventures of Jules de Grandin

Ficção curta

A Casa do Tempo Imóvel (The House Where Time Stood Still)
A Flor Sanguínea (The Blood-Flower)
A Gamble in Souls
A Rival from the Grave
Ancient Fires
Black Moon
Body and Soul
Children of the Bat
Children of Ubasti
Clair de Lune
Conscience Maketh Cowards
Creeping Shadows
Daughter of the Moonlight
Death's Bookkeeper
Eyes in the Dark
Flames of Vengeance
Frozen Beauty
Hands of the Dead
Incense of Abomination
Living Buddhess
Lords of the Ghostlands
Malay Horror
Mansions in the Sky
Mephistopheles and Company, Ltd.
Pledged to the Dead
Red Gauntlets of Czerni
Restless Souls
Satan's Palimpsest
Satan's Stepson
Stealthy Death
Stoneman's Memorial
Suicide Chapel
The Black Master
The Black Orchid
The Bleeding Mummy
The Body-Snatchers
The Brain-Thief
The Bride of Dewer
The Chapel of Mystic Horror
The Chosen of Vishnu
The Corpse-Master
The Curse of Everard Maundy
The Curse of the House of Phipps
The Dark Angel
The Dead-Alive Mummy
The Dead Hand
The Devil-People
The Devil's Rosary
The Door to Yesterday
The Druid's Shadow
The Drums of Damballah
The Dust of Egypt
The Ghost-Helper
The Gods of East and West
The Great God Pan
The Green God's Ring
The Grinning Mummy
The Hand of Glory
The Heart of Siva
The Horror on the Links
The House of Golden Masks
The House of Horror
The House of the Three Corpses
The House Without a Mirror
The Isle of Missing Ships
The Jest of Warburg Tantavul
The Jewel of Seven Stones
The Lost Lady
The Man in Crescent Terrace
The Man Who Cast No Shadow
The Mansion of Unholy Magic
The Poltergeist
The Poltergeist of Swan Upping
The Priestess of the Ivory Feet
The Red Knife of Hassan
The Ring of Bastet
The Serpent Woman
The Silver Countess
The Tenants of Broussac
The Thing in the Fog
The Veiled Prophetess
The Vengeance of India
The Venomed Breath of Vengeance
The White Lady of the Orphanage
The Wolf of St. Bonnot
Three in Chains
Trespassing Souls
Vampire Kith and Kin
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